Each one of our project is original and always presents new and customised solutions. Yet all have something in common - sensitive work with space and materials and willingness to create an unforgettable design that will help you and will make every day work pleasurable.

Brno, 2015

AZ Klima

Minimalist design with a vivifying natural elements.

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Olomouc, 2015

OLC Systems

Playful interior that is always easy to adapt.

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Brno, 2017


Separate offices with variable meeting room.

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Brno, 2016

showroom Hormen

Modern and clean space that can excel offered luminaries.

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„Good design is problem solving.“ Jeffery Veen
Bratislava, 2017

Zoot Bratislava

Try and buy stores full of hapiness under the direction of MYi.

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Brno, 2015

Y Soft Ostrava

Modern yet playful interiors, the perfect combination for the IT field requires.

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