Praha, 2018

Mercedes Prague

I do not have to represent Mercedes, the name itself will be presented. The manufacturer not only of beautiful and luxurious but also of sports and technologies of charged cars enebled us to revitalize the café in the showroom of Prague Chodov.


In design, we wanted to reflect what Mercedes brand represents for many people - quality design, materials, but also comfort, reliability and tradition. That's why we chose high-quality leather on the bar seats, the concrete body of IMI concrete with solid wood on the bar itself. Design, reliability and comfort are also represented by the chosen seating furniture of the Czech traditional brand -TON. The pleasant decoration of the interior is the bay wall behind the bar, which softens the whole result

  • 41 seats


A counterpart of the café's interior is an outdoor terrace that strikes a series of young and progressive people that you can look forward to in the second stage of realization, There is nothing left to invite you to the showroom itself, where, besides choosing a new car, you can enjoy the delicious Nespresso coffee and sit in a friendly environment.