Brno, 2017


For AZ klma we have designed a clean, minimalist interior working with natural elements that refer to the origin of the company in southern Moravia. In the same vein, we also solved the areas designed to deal with clients and the relaxation zone.


AZ KLIMA belongs to CEZ ESCO Group based in Brno. It is a technically and project-oriented company that solves the air-conditioning systems from project to implementation.

  • 60 realization days
  • 1500 m2
  • 100 woriking places


Simple and efficient design adds intricate natural elements throughout the interior. From the dining table in the kitchen "grows" a tree that also illuminates a desk table, instead of classic stickers we used the birch trunks, which together with the phototapes make a nice background for negotiations. Another role also plays a relaxation zone, with a hammock and telephone rooms that can take to draw forces or meeting.