Ostrava, 2017

YSOFT Ostrava

Ysoft - a software and hardware solution for printers and 3D printing, is an international company with purely Czech origin and ownership. We are therefore very proud that we can be a partner for such a company in the realization and creation of their interiors.


Ysoft is a dynamic company with branches not only in the Czech Republic, but around the world. Ostrava was another step. New premises were created in the administrative complex Nová Karolína, which provides a modern and pleasant environment.

  • 750 m2
  • 40 working places
  • 40 realization dais


Work desks were used in the MyTable system, which is unique in its simplicity, stability and original solution of the screen and cable tray. Marrit work chairs are also unusual and by controlling the height of the seat and the backrest lock directly under the armrest.