Brno, 2015

Y Soft Ostrava

Y Soft is an important Czech company which creates and develops sofisticated print solutions. With branches in one hundred and forty countries. MYi is proud that we could participate in the opening of two more branches, the newest one is located in Ostrava in the Nová Karolína building. MYi was the main supplier of interiors and in cooperation with the facility management at Nová Karolína we headed up all of the building and interior services.


  • 60 days
  • 619
  • 39 seats/places


We used glass crossbars (MyGlass) which fulfilled the design expectations whilst providing a high level of acustic soundproofing. In our workshop we created all of the bespoke equipment with great attention to detail, from closets that separate space with an inserted glass perspective, to kitchens, specialised high tables and tiling. Structured wall upholstering and atypical sofas provided the finishing touches to the overall look of the interior.